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This page was updated July 25, 2022

MDMLG Listserv Information


The MDMLG listserv is open to anyone interested health sciences librarianship in Michigan, Ohio and Canada .  You do not need to be a member of MDMLG in order to join and participate in the MDMLG listserv.


Attachments are not permitted on the MDMLG listserv.  If you have a file which you need to distribute to the group, please contact the MDMLG Webmaster for assistance - Webmaster@MDMLG.org.

In an effort to keep the listserv of a professional nature, anecdotes, jokes, and stories are discouraged on the MDMLG listserv.  However, if you feel that an off-topic message would benefit the listserv members, please put "CHAT" in your subject line.

Vendor and charitable solicitations should be sent to the list moderator for approval prior to being posted to the listserv.

MDMLG List Owner / Moderator:

Valerie Reid
MDMLG Webmaster
(313) 593-7872

Common Commands:

To post a message:  MDMLG@LIST.UIOWA.EDU
To subscribe: send "subscribe MDMLG  firstname lastname" command to listserv@list.uiowa.edu
To unsubscribe:  send "signoff MDMLG" command to listserv@list.uiowa.edu
To temporarily stop receiving postings: end "set MDMLG nomail" command to listserv@list.uiowa.edu
To start receiving messages again: send "set MDMLG mail" command to listserv@list.uiowa.edu
To contact the list owner (Valerie Reid): valerie.reid@beaumont.org
To access the archives:

http://list.uiowa.edu/scripts/wa.exe?A0=GMR-MDMLG - Click on "Search Archives" from the right navigation.
Contact Valerie Reid at (313) 593-7692 or valerie.reid@beaumont.org for further assistance with an archives search.

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