Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I become a member of MDMLG?

For questions about joining MDMLG, contact Membership Services.  For more information about MDMLG, refer to the MDMLG Home page.

2. What are the annual dues?

Regular memberships are $25, Student Memberships are FREE, Emeritus Memberships are $15, and Institutional Memberships are $40. Checks should be made out to MDMLG and mailed to the address on the Membership Application form.

3. How often are the meetings?

As a group, MDMLG meets about every 3 months as outlined by the MDMLG Bylaws. For specific dates, times, agenda, and maps of upcoming meetings refer to the Meetings page on this site.

4. Whom do I contact for a CE course idea?

The Association is strongly committed to the continuing education of its members. Members are encouraged to submit ideas to promote learning. Contact the Program & Professional Development Committee.

5. Whom do I contact for a newsletter article idea?

The MDMLG News appears quarterly and features current topics of interest and news. Contact the Newsletter Committee.

6. Where do I submit an address change?

You can contact Membership Services.

7. Whom do I contact about a job vacancy?

Contact the Outreach Committee with job vacancy information.

8. How do I subscribe to the MDMLG ListServ?

The MDMLG listserv (MDMLG-L) is an excellent source of information about the MDMLG-sponsored programs and CE classes. MDMLG members and library students are encouraged to subscribe. The list is open to anyone interested in health science librarianship. You do not need to be an MDMLG member to join the listserv. For instructions, refer to the ListServ web page, or contact the MDMLG Webmaster if you need assistance in subscribing to the listserv.

9. How do I get a password for the Members Only section of MDMLG Online?

Send an email to the Webmaster.  After your membership has been verified, you will receive the password. The MDMLG members-only password is changed once a year in the fall. The new password is emailed to everyone who is currently a member.

This page was updated October 12, 2021


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